Study Abroad in Northern Europe

The University of South Carolina's Study Abroad Office offers two programs to Denmark and Sweden. There are additional options available through program providers.

Denmark's International Study Program - Copenhagen, Denmark

USC’s affiliate program in Denmark is designed to integrate students into the life and culture of the Danish people. A city known for its old-world charm yet modern economy, Copenhagen is an ideal place to study, offering an abundance of culture, history, design and international perspectives. Students will attend Denmark’s International Study Program (DIS), a study abroad organization affiliated with the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, and Roskilde University. DIS, known for combining classroom teaching with field studies, offers a unique learning experience by taking the learning into the community. The program in Copenhagen offers a full curriculum and courses are taught in English by Danish professors who are professionals working in the fields they teach. Visit DIS at

Jönköping International Business School- Jönköping, Sweden

USC’s exchange program in Sweden is designed to help American students gain first hand knowledge of Swedish culture and international business practices. Jönköping lies halfway between Stockholm and Copenhagen and is easily accessible from those cities. Situated in the central southern region near the Baltic coast, the area is well known for its engineering skills and entrepreneurial spirit. This region alone is home to 9,600 small and medium-sized businesses and many international companies. All classes are taught in English. Visit JIBS at

For more information about these programs or other study abroad options in Nordic countries, please visit the University of South Carolina's Study Abroad Office in Legare College 321, Columbia, SC, online at, or call 803-777-7557.